Wildlife in Cocoa Beach, FL

Cocoa Beach is a great place to spot some amazing wildlife! The area is home to several different species of birds, reptiles, and mammals. There are also a variety of plants that can be found in the area. This diversity makes Cocoa Beach a great place for wildlife watching.

Sea Turtles

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Cocoa Beach is home to a variety of wildlife, including sea turtles. These turtles often nest on the beaches in the area, and visitors can often see them basking in the sun or swimming in the water. Some of the most common types of sea turtles in Cocoa Beach include loggerhead turtles, green turtles, and leatherback turtles.


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Dolphins are one of the most commonly seen animals in Cocoa Beach, Florida. These delightful creatures are often seen frolicking in the waves or riding the currents near the shore. They are a type of marine mammal known as cetaceans, which also includes whales and porpoises. There are many different species of dolphins, but the most common one seen in Cocoa Beach is the bottlenose dolphin.


Cocoa Beach is a great place to see manatees! These gentle giants are often seen in the canals and rivers around Cocoa Beach. In the winter, they come to the warm waters off the coast of Florida to escape the cold. Manatees are very curious and will often approach boats and people in the water. Be sure to give them plenty of space and do not touch them, as this is against the law. If you see a manatee, please report it to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.


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Ospreys are one of the most common birds of prey in Cocoa Beach, FL. These birds are large and have a wingspan of up to six feet! They are mostly brown and white, with a black stripe running through their eyes. Ospreys eat fish, and they are often seen near the water, swooping down to catch their prey.

Bald Eagles

The bald eagle is a large bird of prey that can be found in North America. These majestic birds are easily recognized by their white head and tail feathers, as well as their large, yellow beak. Bald eagles are known to mate for life, and they build their nests in tall trees near bodies of water.

Bald eagles typically eat fish, but they will also eat small mammals and birds. In Cocoa Beach, FL, bald eagles can be found near the Indian River Lagoon and the Banana River.


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Alligators are often found in and around bodies of water in Cocoa Beach. They are opportunistic feeders and will eat just about anything they can catch, including fish, snakes, turtles, small mammals, and birds. Alligators can be dangerous to people and pets, so it is important to avoid swimming in areas where they are known to live, and to keep away from them. If you see an alligator, please do not approach it or attempt to feed it, as this can lead to aggressive behavior.

Roseate Spoonbills

Among the most distinctive birds in Florida, Roseate Spoonbills are pink with long, flat bills that they use to sweep the shallows for small crustaceans. The best place to see them is the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in British Columbia, Canada. Many people visit this place to see them. You can also spot them along the shorelines of the Indian and Banana rivers, and in the mangrove forests of the Space Coast.

Sandhill Cranes

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Sandhill Cranes are one of the most popular birds in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Every year, thousands of people come to see the majestic birds in their natural habitat. The cranes are known for their long necks and legs, and their distinctive calls. They mate for life, and can live up to 20 years in the wild. Sandhill cranes are omnivorous, and eat a variety of plants and animals. In the spring, they migrate north to their breeding grounds. In the fall, they migrate south to their wintering grounds.

Overall, the wildlife in Cocoa Beach is a huge draw for tourists and locals alike. The beauty of the scenery and the variety of animals make it a perfect place to go for a nature hike or just to relax and take in the views.

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