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Cocoa Beach is a great place to enjoy the sun and the waves. There are many activities to do in Cocoa Beach including surfing, sunbathing, fishing, and swimming. The beaches here are definitely worth a visit, and there are plenty of restaurants and bars to enjoy as well. Overall, Cocoa Beach is a great place...
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Manatees are gentle, giant marine mammals that live in warm waters around the world. These amazing creatures have been around for millions of years and are fascinating to learn about. Here are five fun facts about manatees: 1. Manatees are closely related to elephants. In fact, they are believed to have evolved from a common...
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The Indian River Lagoon is known for its incredible wildlife. A boat tour is the best way to see the lagoon and its many inhabitants. Here are 3 reasons to try a boat tour of the lagoon: 1. Boat trips are the best way to get your family and friends to bond with each other....
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Watershed The lagoon watershed is home to 2,284 square miles of amazing natural beauty, and its waters span an impressive 353 square miles. Five counties border the lagoon and seven counties are within the watershed. The five inlets connecting the lagoon with the Atlantic Ocean create a flow of water between the two bodies of...
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Did you know that dolphins are some of the most intelligent animals on Earth? Dolphins are one of the most popular marine mammals, and for good reason! They are incredibly smart, social creatures that are known for their playful nature. Here are 10 fun facts about these amazing animals: 1. Dolphins are highly intelligent and...
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